Distance Learning Info

Distance Learning Model

The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) defines distance learning as: Students engaging in distance learning have access to appropriate educational materials and receive daily interaction with their licensed teacher(s). Distance learning may include paper packets/worksheet, textbooks, telephone instruction or online resources.

See information about the district's Distance Learning Models here.

Video About Distance Learning


Click here to view a short video about distance learning at Sunrise.

Video Tour of Google Classroom

Would you like to know more about Google Classroom?  This video provides a short tour of its features.

Click here to watch a short video about using Google Classroom.

Online Learning Tips for Families

1) Thoroughly check grades on Skyward

  • Schedule this weekly with your student. 

2) Ask your student for a tour of their Google Classroom: Google Classroom (How To)

  • Ask students about the assigned videos and slideshows. 
  • Schedule two evenings a week to review Google Classroom with your student. 
  • Have your student show you the completed work. Incomplete or blank work will be marked as “turned in,” but no points will be awarded.

3) Fridays

  • Students can schedule Google Meets appointments with their teachers to check in, ask questions and get support. Email the teacher to make an appointment. 
  • Students should also complete work and tests/quizzes that are assigned.

4) Learning Space Check

  • Does your student have a learning space with limited distractions (ex: tv is turned off, only academic tabs open on chromebook)?
  • Can you put your student's cell phone in a separate space to decrease distractions  (they can use their phone in between classes + lunch)?
  • Does your student have easy access to paper, pens/pencils, chromebook charger?

"Tips for Parents of Struggling Readers"

11/24/2020 IMSE Journal

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"Make Distance Learning Easier with 8 Teacher-Approved Tips"  

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Distance Learning Tech Support

If you need assistance with technical support, please contact our Technology Department at the contact information below:

If you need assistance with Chromebook issues; dim screen, broken camera or microphone, broken hinge, ect; please submit a Bear Tech Ticket.  The issue will be assessed by the technology department and the student will be contacted about the process to fix/replace the Chromebook.

Chromebook Not Working? Try These Steps:

  • Won’t turn on:
    • Holding down power on/off button for at least 15 seconds
    • Holding down the refresh and power button at the same time (10 seconds)
    • Make sure Chromebook has been charged at least 30 minutes
      • You should see a blue light on the side of the Chromebook if the outlet and charging cord are working
      • Remember you can try charging on EITHER side of the Chromebook
  • Not working:
    • Shutdown and restart computer
    • Update the Gopher Buddy 
  • Screen is frozen….
    • Close some apps. 
      • If you can still control the mouse cursor, press the Shift and Escape keys on your keyboard simultaneously to bring up the Chrome OS Task Manager. 
      • Scan the list of currently running apps and web pages. If you see one that's consuming a lot of memory, click on it and select “end task”.

Digital Citizenship Resources

In the White Bear Lake Area Schools, we are digital citizens who use technology to learn and work together in safe, responsible and respectful ways.